Chem-Trend unveils new release agents for FRP applications

CiMNov20News - chemtrend2
CiMNov20News - chemtrend2

Chem-Trend has launched two new release agents for FRP applications – Chemlease 5127 and Chemlease 5128. The two silicone-free, solvent-based universal release agents combine proven technologies with ease of use.

“The cost efficiency of product lines is more important today than ever before. With Chemlease 5127 and Chemlease 5128, we have brought two modern release agents to market,” said Tomasz Krause, European Business Director (EBD) Composites at Chem-Trend. “These will help meet current and future requirements relating to the careful use of resources in applications with fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP). At the same time, our Chemlease brand has already proven its worth over many years and users can rely on receiving proven products that offer high level added value.”

Chemlease 5127 and Chemlease 5128 are silicone-free sacrificial release agents that offer a high level of quality at predictable cost in the production of components from fibre-reinforced plastics. Chemlease 5127 is particularly suitable for the manufacture of components with epoxy resins, while Chemlease 5128 is the product of choice for moulding polyester components and manufacturing parts with and without gelcoats.

Both products are universal liquid waxes: Chemlease 5127 is softer and Chemlease 5128 is harder. They can each be used in a variety of ways in the field of fibre-reinforced plastic and are particularly suitable for small-lot production. Possible applications include in the manufacture of components for products such as boats, pools, bathtubs, and shower trays. The field of architecture is another potential application area, where the two products can be used in the production of large-scale parts such as facade panels.

When manufacturing parts with gelcoats, Chemlease 5127 and Chemlease 5128 enhance wet adhesion. This prevents pre-release and the formation of fish eyes. Chemlease 5128 is especially suitable for achieving a high gloss mould finish. The two products are available now throughout Europe.



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